2015 Press Releases - UOSSM-CANADA

Mental Health Centre Opens in Gazientep

UOSSM is pleased to announce the opening of a new mental health centre in Gazientep on Dec. 28, 2015. This centre will provide psychosocial services free of charge to Syrian refugees. The centre also includes a team of professionals that deliver psychosocial services at different educational institutions in the area to help serve the needs of refugees who are not able to make it to the centre.

UOSSM Participates in Geneva Conference

UOSSM participated at the Protecting Hospital and Healthcare Workers Conference in Geneva on Dec. 11, 2015, hosted by UOSSM Switzerland. Alongside a presentation by UOSSM-Canada's Dr. Anas Al Kassem, four other medical relief organizations (SEMA, Sham, SAMS, PAC) also presented about the alarming attacks on healthcare in Syria and the extensive loss of medical infrastructure and medical personnel. Present at the conference were UN-OCHA and WHO, who participated in the discussions on strategies to overcome these enormous challenges.After continuous and extensive attacks on healthcare in Syria, UOSSM's hospital surveys (completed in areas accessible to UOSSM) were able to verify that only 113 hospitals remain in Syria, served by only 119 surgeons and 153 certified nurses. This points to an urgent shortage of medical staff and facilities, one of the challenges UOSSM, and partnering organizations, helped bring to light at this conference.